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The Surf Report - vol. 93 www.askSam.com
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Welcome to the Surf Report. In this edition of the Surf Report...

- Historical Text and Audio Speeches on the web
- Free eBook - 11,000+ Drink Recipes
- Free Product - Nexus Radio (6000+ free online radio stations)
- askSam Tip - How to copy entry forms between files
- Training Dates
- Great products to enhance your productivity


Wade Goodman
Product Manager - askSam

1) American Rhetoric

American Rhetoric provides an index to a growing database of more
than 5000 full text, audio and video versions of public speeches,
sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, and

Special features include the speeches by category, top 100
speeches, movie speeches and also a special issue: The Rhetoric of

Use askSam's web save feature or copy and paste into an askSam to
create a local database of searchable speeches. You can even
attach MP3s and images and add your own notes and other

You're sure to find something of interest on this site.


2) FREE eBook - 11,000+ Drink Recipes

Our friends from Nexus Radio supplied us with a spreadsheet of
more that 11,000+ drink recipes that we imported into askSam and
made a into a searchable database. Complete with searches,
reports, and more. Search online or download a copy and begin
adding your own drink recipes, notes, and more. This database is
worth a look just for the variety of names to be found.


3) NEXUS RADIO - 100% Free Recordable Internet Radio

What could be better than free music -- free recordable music.
Nexus Radio is now free. With no monthly fees Nexus Radio offers
over 6000 radio stations. In comparison, XM and Sirius Radio (both
pay services) offer only 165-170 stations.

Find stations by genre, create favorites lists, build playlists,
view charts, chat in music discussion groups and much more.

Plus, Nexus Radio includes easy to use, one click, TiVo style
recording with support for all major audio types as well as ID3
tag support and editor.

Nexus Radio has everything you want in an online radio station and
more. You have to give this a try.


4) eBook News

Don't forget that you don't have to have a copy of askSam to enjoy
our great free eBooks.

All eBooks are available for searching and browsing online. Also,
most of our ebooks are available for download and can be viewed
using your copy of askSam or with our free askSam Viewer - so
anyone can make use of the free askSam eBooks.

askSam eBooks range from literature to legislation to government
reports to database of information.

Check out all of our great eBooks at:

Download a copy of the free askSam Viewer from:


5) Tech Tip: Copying Entry Forms

Did you know that you can copy Entry Forms between askSam files?

If you create an entry form and would like to use it in another
database or would like to use an entry form from one of askSam's
included templates...

1. Open the file that contains the Entry Form
3. Select the Entry Form and choose EDIT
5. Select EDIT -> COPY (CTRL+C)
6. Open the new file to copy the Entry Form into
8. Type the name of the new Entry Form and click CREATE
9. Select EDIT -> PASTE (CTRL+V)
10. Press CTRL+S to save the Entry Form

Note: This process does not copy page settings, properties, etc.
These items will have to be changed manually within the new entry


6) askSam Upcoming Training Dates

Learn all about askSam 6. Wade Goodman, askSam Product Manager,
will hold two-day intensive training courses on

August 30-31
September 27-28
in our Perry, Florida office.

Reserve now, space is limited. Call 800-800-1997 or 850-584-6590
or go to:


7) Download Trial Versions of:

askSam - Try askSam 6 - the newest version of the World's most
popular free form database.

SurfSaver - Save & search information you gather on the Web.

askSam Resume Tracking System (RTS)- organize resumes,
applications, job requisitions, & other HR & recruiting

askSam Web Publisher - Call us at 850-584-6590 to set up an
on-line demo.

Plus: askSam Resume Tracking System, askSam Development Kit,
QSite, Free Viewer, Templates, eBooks, Databases and more at:

This Month's Product Highlight...

TextAloud - Turn any text - web pages, email, documents - into
spoken audio or mp3. Try text aloud with this weeks feature
article -- http://americanrhetoric.com/ - perfect for turning
text speeches into MP3 audio.


The Surf Report is a newsletter sponsored by askSam Systems 121
S. Jefferson St. Perry, FL. It can be reprinted and
redistributed as long as the author and sponsor are acknowledged.

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